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    Battery Box and Structural Components

    Our composite resin systems and adhesives can reduce the weight of battery housing designs by up to 40%, while meeting all safety, mechanical and thermal requirements.
  • Battery Cells

    Battery Cells

    Our materials for cathodes and anodes provide improved electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties that extend battery life, increase capacity, and improve safety of lithium-ion batteries.
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    Battery Electronics

    Our casting and impregnating resin systems improve battery efficiency, safety, and production cost.
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    Solvents for Electrolytes

    Our domestic supply of lithium-ion battery grade solvents helps enable next generation EV battery production.
  • battery underfloor protection

    Battery Underfloor Protection

    Our polyurethane systems protect batteries from impact and shocks, while meeting stringent safety, mechanical and thermal requirements.
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    Battery Potting and Encapsulation

    Our range of battery potting and encapsulation materials have been developed to provide lightweight, thermal and mechanical protection of vehicle battery cells.